LincLogistics, LLC is an intermodal drayage transportation and logistics company to be the premier provider of drayage services for customers and drivers in the Texas market.

Our mission is to create customer loyalty and shareholder value by being the industry leaders in the markets we serve by listening to our customers, developing customer-centric solutions, and serving our employees through….

  • Logistics operations that are safe and efficient, focusing on serving our customers, employees, and drivers with a culture of humility, stewardship, excellence, serving, and compassion.
  • Industry leaders in capacity. Creating value by offering unmatched driver capacity, premium equipment, and strategically located facilities in the markets we serve.
  • Never say “NO” attitude, developing innovative solutions that build trust and credibility resulting in loyal, lasting customer relationships.
  • Creating shareholder value, driving profitability, and creating long-term customer and employee loyalty with a culture of serving others.