Our LincCulture: A Promise from our Founders…..

In order to make a difference in the lives of those that we interact with every day and live out our Mission and Values, we believe that we must be fully committed EVERY DAY. To ensure that we living this DAILY, our ability to deliver for our customers, team members, and investors hinges on our commitment to the following LincPrinciples…..

  • We will outperform our competition in all aspects of the intermodal transportation space.
  • We will create a driver first culture, hiring and retaining reliable safe drivers who choose to work for LincLogistics resulting in a “safety-first” culture.
  • We will utilize technology to create customer and driver loyalty by driving efficiencies and making it easy to do business with LincLogistics.
  • We will be fully transparent in working with customers, drivers, and employees by setting realistic expectations they can count on.
  • We will develop strategic partnerships with customers, offering differentiated service solutions that exceed expectations.
  • We will provide capacity to service customer requirements and offer flexibility as a key differentiator in the markets we serve.
  • We will leverage capacity to drive profitability by increasing equipment returns and decreasing non-revenue moves within our customer network.
  • We will operate premium well-maintained equipment that is safe and reliable for our drivers.
  • We will leverage and build relationships with port and rail operators within the markets we serve to benefit our industry and community we operate.